Exactly as electric fence allows the modern agriculturist to mimic the movements of great herds of bison to simulate land rejuvenation toward prairie, the Prairie Schooner simulates the other keystone species of the prairie, the Prairie Chicken, with equal benefits. The "flock effect" of rich manuring and mild scratching creates a verdant green sward in the Schooner's wake.

Years of testing, from the original, single 2" PVC 15 x 40' Schooner used on the off-grid Schafer Farm in Jamesport, Mo. from 2000-2008 to 22 PVC Layer Schooners on Grazeland Farms, also in Jamesport, Missouri, led to the robust 13 gauge, 2 3/8" OD standards now used to build the Prairie Schooner. It is durable, adaptable, easy to move, and predator proof.

Field test reports turned in top marks on tens of thousands of broilers and turkeys raised in 2015 and 2016 by a dozen members of the Grass Roots Farmers Cooperative in Arkansas. No predation, zero to very slight movement in very high (70+ mph) winds, no rain or cold related problems, easy to use. 

"Of all the many new things we have had to deal with," says Co-op Founder and Manager, Cody Hopkins, "the Schooners were the easiest."