Chicken Shift! THE viral chickens on pasture video

This video has been viewed over a quarter of a million times by people all over the world. Why? Because it portrays - for the first time to most people - the seemingly odd event of chickens resting, then standing up, then rushing to gobble up alfalfa leaves and who knows what else?

People are used to seeing pictures of 15,000 chickens crammed together in massive houses without windows. In fact, many people do not believe these Cornish Cross chickens are even capable of walking 40 feet per day. But not only do they walk, they run, jump, and attempt to fly. 

Nutritional testing shows the night and day difference in these birds who glean 10-20% of their diet from the pasture and enjoy sunshine and fresh air all their lives. Not only are their diets superior, they are muscle toned, and they go to harvest with clean feathers, skin, and feet. 

To get this movie we mounted a Go-Pro camera on the front edge of our prototype Prairie Schooner. If you have a Prairie Schooner or other portable pasture pen, send us your Chicken Shift video to post here!

About this Schooner

This Schooner measures 16 x 24.' That's 384 square feet. We brooded 300 birds in a barn until they were three weeks old, then put them in this Schooner. 384 sq ft / 300 birds = 1.28 sq ft per bird, pretty tight.

But there are two important distinctions to remember about that number.

1. Each bird still has 384 square feet to move around in.

2. That is a different 1.28 square feet every day, twice a day in the last few days before harvest.

Yes, we had winds (40 mph) and rain. We lowered the roll-up sides and added an end tarp when necessary. Of the 300 birds put into this prototype Schooner, 297 went to harvest, exactly 99%. That is 9% fewer deaths than the industry average!

Our larger Schooners measure 20 x 40' have 800 square feet. At 500 birds = 800/500 = 1.6 sq ft per bird. At 600 birds = 1.33 sq ft per bird.  To order, call Terri at Featherman Equipment, 660-684-6035 or drop her an email here.