Frequently Asked Questions! 

Prairie Schooners (20 x 40) at Falling Sky Farms near Conway, Arkansas

Prairie Schooners (20 x 40) at Falling Sky Farms near Conway, Arkansas


What is not included?

Tarp, tow chains, belting or other bottom end sealing material, chicken wire, feeders, waterers

What IS included?

Skid and hoop house kit, 4’ doors (2), roll up side bars (2), wiggle wire & channel, bracing, Tek screws, shoulder and base plates, instruction manual

What is optional?

An instructional video.

Where do I find a tarp?

Local tarp shop or +1 (877) 771-8277

What size tarp do I need?

20x40 schooner needs 40 x 44’ tarp to allow for 2’ overlap on all sides

16x24 schooner needs 32 x 28’ tarp to allow for 2’ overlap on all sides

How much horsepower is required?

30 hp uphill.

What do they weigh?

20 x 40 3000 lbs

16 x 24 2200 lbs

How long will it take to deliver?

Call for a time estimate. Hoop house construction is seasonal and backlogs can be up to 6 weeks. Off-season (Nov-Apr) delivery is usually in 2-3 weeks. Order plenty early to avoid a time crunch with birds in the brooder.

How are they shipped? Do I need a forklift or dock?

On a 12’ pallet in a truck. The driver can move the pallet out to its balance point and gently tip it to touch the ground, then drive out from under it.

Where do I find belting? What length tow chains?

Junk yards and used equipment sellers have cheap 12-18” belting. 15’ tow chains (2).

Can I raise birds year round?

Because of its superior weather adaptability and bird comfort, you can extend both ends of your normal outdoor season, spring by a couple weeks, fall by a month or more. Growing zones 8 and higher are year round pastured poultry zones. Zone 7 is marginal.

Can I brood in a Schooner?

Absolutely! Delay spring brooding two weeks later than normal for pasture brooding. Fall brooding is not an issue.

Can I pull it sideways?

Yes! It is designed for that with braced 5’ upright spacing and heavy 13 gauge, 2 3/8” OD galvanized pipe. Use two separated contact points toward the middle of the schooner to distribute the load. (Do not pull sideways on a ski tip)

Anything else I should know?

Drop your pallet where you want to build. There will be metal shreds from the self-drilling Tek screws so either build on cement or use a magnet “broom” to clean up.